A SWLA Landlord

We were approached by a landlord who was registered with South West Landlords Association. She had just began renting her property and was looking for an accountant to help her with the property tax.

She decided to contact Marslands because of the good things SWLA had said about us. She also noticed from our website that we are property tax specialists and had read some of our lovely landlord reviews.

She was pleased to hear that that she no longer had to worry about dealing with HMRC as we deal with it all. We explained to her what expenses she could claim and how the mortgage interest rules impacted on her tax bill.  

She was thrilled with us completing her rental accounts and tax return as this had little impact on her own time. She did have some tax to pay but this was less than she first anticipated.

She continues to be a client of Marslands and has her accounts and tax return completed by us.