How Marslands Accountants can help with the Let Property Campaign

Hi there my name is Michele Marsland, I run Marslands Accountants in Plymouth in Devon and we specialise in the Let Property Campaign and we help landlords across the world not just in the UK but help them with the let property campaign so the top three reasons for using Marslands Accountants:

Number one has to be we take the stress and worry away from you.

Number two we help you pay the right amount of tax.

Number three we are Let Property Campaign specialists and that makes a big difference when you’re looking for something.

Firstly number one taking the stress away and worry away from you yet you’ve just found out I’ve heard it all before don’t you worry you just found out that you should have been declaring your rental property it on average we find most clients are about seven years they haven’t declared so you’re pretty worried you’re also a bit embarrassed really you might have a high flying job and you haven’t realised that you should have been doing it don’t worry we’ve had it quite a lot before don’t worry and this is where we can help you we help you with reduce the stress the worry and the hassle there’s a lot of there’s a lot of work and paperwork involved and we can guide you through the whole campaign all right so don’t worry about that if you’ve already made some start to the application and you realise you’ve got yourself in a mess don’t worry we’ve done we’ve done it so many times now we really can help you so that has to be number one reason it’s helping take the stress away.

Number two paying the right amount of tax it’s really important that when you’re doing the Let Property Campaign to put everything together and make sure you pay the right amount of tax. ow your biggest question to me probably is how much tax am I going to pay well I’m sorry I don’t know I don’t even know your name never mind how much tax you’re going to pay but one of the things I can tell you is that since we started doing this over seven years ago now that the amount of tax that clients have been paying a third of them pay nothing which is really good I think over 80 percent of them pay less than 5 thousand pounds and in 2021 alone we saved somebody eighteen thousand pounds so you can see that we do know what we’re doing and our average for saving clients can be over five and a half thousand pounds but it does vary and that’s the problem really does vary but in 2021 alone we’ve helped declare two million pounds worth of rents so that’s a lot of money.

Number three has to be that you choose to Let Probably Campaign specialists like Marslands to help you with your disclosure because it is really important to have a specialist by your side this is not the normal run-of-the-mill tax returns this is a specialist area all right and that’s where Marslands have been specialising since the start over seven years ago now in doing this we have various ways of helping you as well we have software we can provide for you we have a spreadsheet we can even do the whole thing for you we have different ways of doing it and obviously the pricing will vary depending on that but that’s what we do here from all of our clients oh sorry all of our staff have been trained on how to do the Let Property Campaign as well so we only have a small amount of staff but we all know what we you know what we have to do and often HMRC get it wrong and we find this increasingly that they’re getting it wrong and they’re rejecting people’s applications because they can’t understand the system themselves we understand the system okay so that’s really important we do.

I understand that you’ve got worries about you might end up in prison or you might lose your job or the press might find out about this don’t worry you know none of that should apply to you all right so that should be no it shouldn’t apply to you so and just remember you are not alone you know one of the main reasons we get from people is that they worry that they are the only person that’s done this don’t worry there’s lots of people that do this which is why I’m making all these videos about it because I’m helping people declare their rental properties all right so so yeah so how do we do this right this is where really important actually how we do here we have three simple steps number one is we ask you a few simple questions it’s like a big jigsaw puzzle and we just have to put those pieces together don’t worry if you haven’t got all the information together don’t worry about that we just asked a few simple questions in our initial chat with you just to find out a little bit more about everything and how we can help you then number two is we stir our Marslands magic and we put those figures into some HMRC format don’t worry about that we do all that for you and then number three we help you pay the right amount of tax.