Inherited a property

We were approached by a brother and sister who had inherited a house. They had been completing repairs on the property for the last few months which amounted to over £60k!

Due to the high repairs they needed an accountant as they were confused which expenses were allowable. They didn’t want the hassle of completing the tax themselves as they were both employed and didn’t have the time for it.

They asked friends to recommend an accountant and one of them had heard that Marslands were experts in property tax and have helped many landlords. On reading Michele was a landlord herself, they decided to contact us.

They brought all their invoices for the repairs to the initial meeting where all the HMRC paperwork was also completed. They used our hassle-free service as they didn’t have time to put all the invoices onto a spreadsheet.

Once completed they were happy to hear there was no tax to pay and they had a loss to carry forward for future years. They were thrilled to hear this as they weren’t sure they could claim any repairs!

They continue to have their accounts and tax returns done by Marslands every year.