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Do you have undeclared property income? Have you had a HMRC letter? Marslands are specialists in HMRC’s Let Property Campaign and will help bring you up to date with your property tax!

In our experience most clients estimate the tax to be much more than it actually is, so please don’t worry!

HMRC continue to send letters to landlords to see if they receive property income. If you receive one of these letters, do not worry! You have 30 days to contact the Let Property Campaign then a further 3 months for us to complete the work.

At Marslands, we deal with your HMRC disclosure. We let you know what we need to complete your claim and chase you regularly to ensure the deadline is met. We keep you up to date with your disclosure and discuss changes along the way.

We are experts in the Let Property Campaign and have helped many landlords get up to date since the Let Property Campaign started over 7 years ago. Using our knowledge and expertise we help you claim the maximum amount of expenses that you can for each undeclared year. So far this year we have helped our clients save on average over £3,000 each.

We have helped many landlords in the same situation as you and many were worried about losing their job, going to prison or losing their home – we are pleased to say none of this has happened! On average, we help 1 landlord a month get up to date with their property income.

At Marslands we will also help you decide which penalty rate most suits your circumstances – there is a lot of difference between 0 and 100%!

The earlier you come forward to HMRC the less you will need to pay! If you contact them before they catch you, the penalty rates are lower.

If you want to make your disclosure please visit HMRC https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/hm-revenue-and-customs-disclosure-service

If you are a business or property owner who needs help with your accounts

CALL 01752 344582 or email admin@marslands.co.uk

Marslands support local charities and donate £25 to either St Luke’s or SSAFA for every new client that joins us. So far we have raised over £2,400!
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