Marslands March is back!

Hi everybody I’m back! Yeah I know it’s February and guess what happens in March? Yeah it’s that 10,000 steps a day challenge again, 10,000 steps a day, every day for a whole 31 days.

I’m building myself up to it already getting ready for it because you do have to practice before you start doing it because it’s quite a commitment. The Marslands team are marching again so I’d really love your help in helping find us somewhere to march from and to.

Last year we went from Land’s End to John O’Groats but we did have an extra team member last year so to do that this year is probably a bit too far. What we need is some sort of place or course that we can walk, virtually of course that’s around 600 to 630 miles.

If you’ve got any suggestions I would really love to hear them and then we can help decide in our team meeting next Tuesday where we’re marching from and to. So far I’ve thought of the southwest coast path, that’s okay a bit up and down but hey-ho! There must be somewhere warmer than that to think of.

I’d really love everybody’s input and if you want to sponsor us we’re very grateful! We raised over £1,300 last year which as a team we were really happy with because we only aimed for about £500 so actually we were really chuffed. So if you want to sponsor us, great there is a Facebook page!

We just want to do it as a team as well it means we can go out as a team as well a couple of days, we do look a bit strange walking around the courtyard but it’s great fun and we have a little chat along the way. So it’s just a bit of fun and helping make everybody healthier as well and maybe raise a bit of money along the to way. Truly a time to shine moment! Thank you!