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More Landlords coming forward to HMRC in 2021!

At Marslands we specialise in the Let Property Campaign. We are a local accountancy practice in Devon, and I have noticed that in the last month that we have had more enquiries to do with the Let Property Campaign, than we have had in the previous year! I know that part of this will be…
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Coming forward to HMRC about undeclared rental income!

Over the last 6-12 months I have realised that due to lockdown more landlords have realised that they are receiving their property income and that they should be telling HMRC about it as it is taxable. I find most of these landlords are busy employed professionals and have been paying their tax through their PAYE,…
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HMRC is looking for landlords!

Happy New year everyone! I managed to take a few days off last week, but it seems HMRC haven’t! In the 3 days between Christmas and new year, Marslands received 3 new enquiries from landlords who have not been declaring their property income. In two days, this is a record for Marslands! One of the…
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Are all Accountants equal when it comes to the Let Property Campaign?

In a group of accountants this week one asked if they should use losses brought forward on a client who is declaring under the let property campaign. My answer is definitely YES! All landlords should declare their profits and Losses including those in the Let Property Campaign. The reason why?- Any losses left over can…
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A Young Landlord

We were contacted by a young landlord with 5 years undeclared rental income. She inherited the property and had continued to rent it to the current tenants. Being naive she didn’t realise that this income was taxable! After a conversation with a friend she suddenly realised that rental income is taxable and began to panic!…
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Undeclared Landlord

A landlord contacted us after receiving a letter from HMRC about undeclared rental income for the last 3 years. The letter worried them as it gave them 30 days to respond. They tried to deal with it themselves by registering for self assessment but found it all too complicated and were unsure what to do…
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Let Property Campaign

Have you or your partner recently received one of these letters? If so, you only have 30 days to respond to this! If you have a joint property but only one of you has received a letter you will both still need to declare your income. Here at Marslands we can help you come forward…
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Undeclared Rental Income

Have you recently received a letter from HMRC about undeclared rental income? If so you will have 30 days to respond to this! Don’t panic, we help lots of landlords to declare their rental income from previous years. We will reduce the amount of tax owed to as little as possible! If you need our…
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HMRC Undeclared Rental Income Letter

HMRC continue to follow up on landlords who are not declaring their rental property. This year we have already had several enquiries from landlords who have received a letter from HMRC about their missing income! If you receive a letter you only have 30 days to reply to their letter. If you know any landlords…
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Are you a missing landlord?

You could be a landlord even if you don’t think of yourself as one! This could be because you’ve: Inherited a property, rented out a flat to cover mortgage payments or moved in with someone and need to rent out your house. There are many different examples of how you may be a landlord. This…
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