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Let Property Campaign – Have you had a HMRC rejection letter? Don’t panic!

Hi there, my name is Michele Marsland of Marslands Accountants and we deal a lot with the Let Property Campaign and my question today is should we accept or should we reject? Dealing with HMRC on a regular basis like we do with the let property campaign, you see a lot of things going on.…
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Let Property Campaign – Mistakes that lead to enquiries

I’m wondering if you’re like Cindy. Are you a landlord who hasn’t declared their rental property for whatever reason? There are lots of reasons as to why landlords have not declared their rental properties and does Cindy sound just like you? Cindy’s a lady who came to us two years ago now and she had…
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Why Marslands Accountants Specialise in the Let Property Campaign?

Michele Marsland is the owner of Marslands Accountants Ltd and has been for many a year now and one of the things I help landlords do is come clean to HMRC under the Let Property Campaign. This is an amnesty that was brought about 8 years ago now by HMRC to help landlords who haven’t…
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