They help us to constantly improve our business and keep up to date with the needs of all people and businesses that we work for.


The Marslands Team make a very complicated subject (in my view) much less so. It is very nice being able to give all of our financial worries to them! Helen is very helpful, friendly and approachable and has helped us same time, money and also worry.

Marslands have been brilliant and Helen has made it easy where most of us don’t have a clue about tax. She doesn’t blind people with technical words and takes the pressure off as well as finding the most tax efficient way of helping me.

The team don’t lecture you and are very friendly. I have already given their name to several other landlords who I know will benefit from their help
and advice.
Sarah, Landlord

It was good to receive excellent service and valuable support from a professional experienced accountant who I could rely upon for good technical advice on the tax aspects whilst expanding my portfolio. I’m over the moon with the results as Marslands have helped me save money, time and my sanity!
Bev, Landlord


Since joining arms with Marslands Accountants our accounts are entirely digital and transparent. Our questions have been answered and for the first time in years, we feel confident that things are being taken care of. We’d like to send a huge thanks to the lovely team and look forward to many years of business together. 
Tom and Abbie, Digital business

I’ve been a client of Marslands Accountants since starting my business 5 years ago. I have been very impressed with the service and support I have received, especially as a newcomer to the world of business. Michele and the team seem to understand my business well and they are always very willing to help with any questions or advice needed. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended.
Jackie Gale, Textile Artist

I have used Marslands Accountants for 8 years. Michele’s knowledge of small business accountancy and tax related issues has been of great help to myself and my growing business. Michele is professional and informative helping me understand the most complex of issues in the least complex way. She consistently provides a reliable excellent service year upon year with reasonable rates.


I was so worried before I called Marslands as I only had one month to resolve my situation. When Chris called me I realised I was in the right place to get this done.
I’d a very short deadline which was met within my expectation and the tax due was so much less than I expected! Marslands were helpful in every single way and I am so grateful for all you have done for us.
Steve, Let Property Campaign Landlord

Thanks to Michele and her team for dealing with our tax business. Someone else let us down and Marslands stepped up so quickly and did a great job. They explained everything well to us, dealt with all the forms, taking away the pressure to ensure our Returns were correct.
Nigel, Let Property Campaign Landlord

I have been very pleasantly surprised! I thought the tax was going to be so much more! Money well spent!
Fiona, Let Property Campaign Landlord


After seeing the Xero demo, instead of dreading doing my accounts I’m now looking forward to it, what a relief!    
Loving doing my accounts

After four years of being in business it is nice to actually see some figures. I feel so much more in control of my own business! My old accountant never showed me anything!
Plympton Business

Michele makes a very complicated subject (in my view) much less so. It is very nice being able to give all of our financial worries to her! Michele is very helpful, friendly and approachable and has helped us same time, money and also worry.

Helen and the team supported me when I was so worried about my undeclared property tax going back several years. I had been losing sleep over this. They responded in a very sensitive and professional manner. I am now debt free to HMRC and I am very relieved. Marsland’s charges were very fair and they managed to save me money overall. I would strongly recommend others to use their services.

Sally, Landlord


Case Study 1. Property tax return

Sam is a teacher who recently moved into her boyfriends home. She decided to rent out her old house rather than selling it. She asked Marslands to complete her rental accounts as she didn’t have the time or knowledge to do it herself.

She had a 2 bedroom house which was being paid for with a repayment mortgage. She only had the rent and a few invoices for the year. The only other income she had was from her teaching job.

She kept a simple rental spreadsheet where she recorded the income and expenses for the year.
Sam was a busy person so she emailed the property information to us in July together with her P60 so that we could work on her accounts. This saved her time as she didn’t need to bring all her information to us.

We collated her income and expenses and calculated her mortgage interest for her. We also checked for other claimable expenses to include in her accounts. She was grateful we did this for her as she was unsure what she could claim.

We completed her rental accounts for a fee of £400 plus VAT. We informed HMRC of the property profits and a tax return wasn’t required.

Case Study 2. Husband and Wife inherited a property

Sally and James are a married couple who recently inherited a house.
James is retired whilst Sally works in a supermarket. They were looking for an accountant as they had never rented a property and they didn’t have any tax knowledge.

Their property was a 3-bedroom house which was mortgage free. They had some small repairs throughout the year, but these were all sorted by their rental agent and were present on the annual statement. The only other income they had was

Sally’s employment and James’ pension.
Once they had all the information ready for the property, they stopped by Marslands to drop this into Chris with both their P60’s. 

They came to Marslands because we have property tax knowledge and they were not sure what they needed to do. We collated their income and calculated all the expenses which were claimable. This benefited the client as they did not know what they could include.

We could then use this against their income to calculate their profit which reduced the amount of tax they needed to pay! We also saved them time as we deal with HMRC directly so that they do not need to be stuck on hold.

For completing their rental accounts and a tax return for each of them including their employment and pension income we quoted £600 plus VAT.

Case Study 3. LPC – Renting house to cover nursing home expenses

Adam’s father Jeremy had 3 years of undeclared rental income. Adam didn’t declare this to HMRC because when his dad moved into a nursing home, he decided to rent his dad’s old house to cover the expenses. As the profit went towards the nursing home costs, he didn’t realise he needed to declare this to HMRC on behalf of Jeremy.

As Adam had power of attorney for his father, he received a letter in the post from HMRC about the let property campaign. This gave him 30 days to respond to HMRC and state whether there was rental income.

During the 3 years Jeremy was receiving £600pm of income from the 2 bedroom house and had little expenses as he didn’t have a mortgage and there were only small repairs done on the property throughout the years. Being retired this was his main source of income.

Adam began to search for an accountant as the let property campaign was too complicated and the penalty rates were confusing him. He found Marslands as he saw we were experts in the let property campaign.

We got ourselves authorised for Jeremy with HMRC’s let property campaign as we deal with HMRC directly for clients so that they don’t have to waste their time on hold with them!

We then collated the income and expenses from property to include only what is claimable. This meant that Adam didn’t have to worry about doing this as he didn’t know anything about property tax.

Once we completed the disclosure we discussed with Adam about the penalty rates to see which he wanted to offer HMRC as this was negotiable. Adam was surprised as he didn’t expect this to be negotiable. That’s a benefit of choosing Marslands as we are experts in the let property campaign and used our knowledge to reduce Jeremy’s tax bill as much as possible.

As Adam filled in our spreadsheet that we sent him and decided to use our property essential service his fee was £1,000 plus VAT. His tax was nil because this was his only source of income and so his personal allowance for the years would cover this.

Case Study 4 – Accounts client

Bill and Jane are two HR consultants who recently setup a limited company. They were both vastly experienced in their field but this was the first time they had worked for themselves. After their first year of trading they had £72k worth of turnover.

They knew how to do the payroll but weren’t sure what the best amount to pay themselves was for tax purposes. They also wanted help with dividends as they wanted to take these quarterly.

They decided to contact Marslands as we are Certified in Xero and QuickBooks and they were very interested in using cloud accounting to help their business grow with a greater understanding of how their business is doing during the year.

Throughout the year we were available to help the client with any queries they had with their new software or generally taxation in their business, including VAT registration options. We completed their company tax return and accounts for £1,700 plus VAT.