The Benefit of having an accountant!

There are lots of advantages of having an accountant by your side when declaring your rental profits to HMRC. This can be whether you need someone to assist on an annual basis or to help you through the let property campaign to go back through undeclared years to get you up to date!

The biggest advantage of having an accountant is that we can register you straight away. When Marslands are appointed as your agent, the first thing we do is register you with HMRC so that you can claim the lower penalties! This is the case for people who have undeclared rental income and want to bring it up to date with HMRC. While if HMRC catch you instead you will not be able to claim the lower penalty rates!

While if you were to do that yourself you would need to do it through a government gateway which if you are not already registered can take up to 4 weeks to setup! In that time HMRC could also realise that you have the property and catch you! This would mean you will not be able to claim the lower penalty rates.